John King's Arts and Rhythm Live in San Antonio: Episode 1- The Baylor Project

    Picture: John King

    You might ask yourself what is John King's Arts and Rhythm Live in San Antonio, and here is the background of why I'm doing this segment. When I moved to San Antonio from Beaumont, Texas in 2015, I searched around on social media and other media outlets to see where can I go listen to live music. I saw the names and the venues and I was skeptical of going to go see these local talents because I never heard of them and I didn't want to go out and be disappointed. I'm not saying that I wouldn't go see anyone because I'm a music lover first, but I sure like to hear good music. I'm creating an atmosphere that you can go hear local and national artists on a website, and get a background of these groups and if you like them you can follow them on social media, and you can also see their schedules of where they will be playing. I love to experience new things around South Central Texas and period when it comes down to arts, so I'm creating a atmosphere where artists can showcase their talents to get the word out and join others in doing what they love and try new experiences. That is what Arts and Rhythm Live in San Antonio is mostly about, and keeping you informed because our city is growing and when it's growing people love to experience new things.

    Meet The Baylor Project, a husband from St. Louis and wife from Jersey duo that not only love each other, but love to vibe through their music. Giving you a mix of jazz, gospel, soul and blues. The Baylor Project is sure to move you! Had the opportunity to catch up with The Baylor Project backstage at the Carver Community Cultural Center.

    So, sit back and relax and take this journey with me!


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