Eagles settle lawsuit over 'Hotel California' name

Photo: Jeaneeem / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

NEW YORK – A lawsuit concerning the name “Hotel California” has been settled, a Texas wind farm is helping Nike go green, and the eyes of Wall Street will be on Washington Friday as lawmakers try to avoid a government shutdown.

Hotel California Lawsuit

The Eagles have settled a lawsuit to stop a Mexico hotel from using the name “Hotel California,” arguably the band’s most famous song.

Reuters reports the hotel’s owners withdrew their application to trademark the name in the United States. The hotel was in Mexico and the Eagles say it misled guests into believing it approved the name.

It did play the band’s songs on the property and sold merchandise linking the song as well.

The Eagles released the song in 1976. Don Henley, who co-wrote the song with Glenn Frey and Don Felder, said the song was intended as commentary about their surroundings, according to an article in Rolling Stone. The article states Henley once said, “We were all middle-class kids from the Midwest, ‘Hotel California' was our interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles."


Nike to buy Texas windfarm

An agreement to buy power from a planned Avangrid Rrenewables wind farm in Texas will take Nike to 100 percent renewable energy for its North American operations.

The Texas wind will also carry Nike more than halfway to its global 100 percent renewables goal.

Avangrid has worked with other big companies on energy, like Apple and Amazon.


A government shutdown?

The U.S. House had enough support to avoid a government shutdown. But the Senate is another story.

The government will shut down if lawmakers cannot pass a spending plan by the end of the day Friday.

A government shutdown could derail the stock market rally.


New CEO at Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments has a new CEO.

The chip company, based in Dallas, says Brian Crutcher will take over. He’s the current chief operating office and a 22-year veteran of Texas Instruments.

Texas Instruments stock rose 43 percent last year.


Home remodeling increase

Home remodeling is projected to grow at the fastest pace in more than a decade this year.

The Joint Center on Housing Studies at Harvard University study says as home prices increase more, Americans are choosing to remodel their existing home rather than buy a new one.

Homeowner spending on improvements and repairs will be close to $340 billion in 2018.


Stock Market Down

What the market giveth, it taketh away.

The DOW lost almost a hundred points Wednesday.

Boeing, the biggest gainer Wednesday, led things lower Thursday in profit taking.


What is success?

A new Linked-In survey found American’s definition of success is changing.

Only 4 percent of workers say scoring a corner office is a measure of success, and 34 percent say they'd be willing to take a 10 percent pay cut if it meant they could design their own work schedule.

Some other findings include more people are doing side hustles and workers are valuing expanding their skill set versus getting a title bump.


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