E3: The future of gaming on display

    Record-breaking crowds of eager gamers attend the opening day of E3, one of the biggest video gaming industry events in the world. (NBC News)

    The annual E3 Expo kicked off Tuesday in Los Angeles, bringing together thousands of video gamers from around the world.

    This is the second year the public was allowed to come through the doors at E3.

    "The reason consumers are in this show now is really as a response from the industry. The industry wants their buyer, their consumers here playing the games, tweeting about the games, sharing the games on social media," said Gamespot's Ben Howard.

    Video game companies see the value of social media after it fueled the massive success of Epic Games' "Fortnite," a dominant theme of this year's expo.

    Other consoles are ramping up the competition, with Sony unveiling blockbuster Playstation titles including Marvel's Spider-Man.

    Playstation's rival Microsoft is on the offensive, announcing 18 exclusive games for the Xbox and the acquisition of five game studios.

    Video game subscriptions are also a big trend this year as more companies offer Netflix-style access to games.

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