The names of Republicans and Democrats

Hi, my name is _____. A project reveals the political slant associated with various first names in America.

Pop Quiz: What are the most Republican and most Democratic names below?

  • A) Ronald and Dick
  • B) Ian and Nina
  • C) Duane and Billy
  • D) Kate and Rachel
  • E) Hans and Franz

According to a new project by Verdant Labs, the answers are:

  • Most Republican: C - Duane & Billy (although Ronald & Dick are close behind)
  • Most Democratic: D - Kate & Rachel (Hans & Franz have a near-perfect, GOP vs. Democrat split)

A team with the company discovered the political slants of first names by analyzing data from the Federal Election Commission.

The data, according to The Washington Post, consists of some 20 million names of donors who made contributions from 1996 to present.

By clicking on a name, the interactive report reveals the political ratio for the name. For example, of donors named Kevin, 54.1% supported Republicans and 45.9% supported Democrats.

The report also outlines who favors the presidential candidates. A sample is below:

  • Clinton: Mohammad, Liz and Juan
  • Sanders: Karl, Ian and Aaron
  • Trump: Bobby, Curtis and Kent
  • Cruz: Billy, Gene and Travis
  • Kasich: Glen, Rodney and Martin

Which way does your name lean? Click here to find out.

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