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District Attorney Nico LaHood says vaccines cause autism

FILE - Bexar County, Texas District Attorney Nico LaHood. (Sinclair Broadcast Group)
FILE - Bexar County, Texas District Attorney Nico LaHood. (Sinclair Broadcast Group)
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SAN ANTONIO (KABB) - Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood is making a bold statement about vaccines.

In a video posted on Facebook by the Autism Media Channel, LaHood says:

"I'm Nico LaHood. I'm the criminal district attorney in San Antonio, Texas. I'm here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism," says LaHood in a promotional video for the movie 'VAXXED.'

The 21-second clip, which includes a full screen that reads "THE PROSECUTOR: Nico's story coming August 30, 2016," has received hundreds of shares and nearly 30,000 views.

LaHood and his wife are parents to one child with autism and the couple has participated in many autism awareness-related events.

"After his 18 month vaccination, we had a very different child," Lahood said of his son.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states vaccines do not cause Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Also featured in the upcoming movie, "Vaxxed" is a whistle blower who disputes this fact, calling the CDC'S MMR vaccine study a fraud.

Director of The Children's Hospital of San Antonio Autism Clinic, Dr. Melissa Svoboda who agrees with the CDC's findings, explained what happened with the study.

"What he was talking about is one small part of the study where they thought they saw an increase of African American boys developing Autism after the MMR vaccine, " Svoboda said. "The reason that was thrown out of the study is because that number was too small and they thought it was not clinically significant."

"I just encourage people just to educate yourself, that's it and make your own decision," Lahood said. "I'm not forcing my opinion on you, I'm just giving you my opinion."

If you're interested in watching the movie, VAXXED is available online, in a limited number of theaters and soon on DVD.

For more information on The Children's Hospital of San Antonio's Autism Clinic, click here: Autism Treatment

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