Great food plus games and a perfect health inspection equals Blue Plate Award

In MeepleWich you will find a variety of sandwiches (News 4 San Antonio).

SAN ANTONIO - This week's News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award goes to MeepleWich Cafe located at 7460 Callaghan Road.

First question: What's a 'Meeple?'

"A meeple is a small game token, usually about the shape of a gingerbread man used in different types of games. And we're a gaming cafe, so people who know what Meeples are immediately know what our cafe is about," explained Jason Tucker, owner of the cafe.

Games, specifically board games and card games, are the star of this cafe. People come to hang out, eat a good home-cooked meal and play.

"We invite people to D and D. Groups here wargame with little miniatures and things like that," said Tucker.

All the sandwiches and soups at MeepleWich are made-to-order -- from scratch.

"Everything is fresh made. We make all the soups. We make all the hot sandwiches. Homemade. No pre-packaged ingredients or anything," said Tucker.

This is their first Blue Plate Award and they couldn't be more grateful.

"I want to thank God, and I appreciate that very much," said Tucker.

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