San Antonio bakery lands perfect score from the Health Department

The beignets are like French donuts. They are square and are covered with powdered sugar. (News 4 San Antonio).

This week's News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award goes to Rise Bakery located at 923 North Loop 1604.

Rise serves the traditional bakery go-to's like pastries, cookies and cakes, but it's so much more.

"People really like our beignets our espresso drinks are also popular, we also have a really nice burgers," said Chris Lombardi, the restaurant owner.

Rise has been rising to the occasion in the San Antonio community for seven years but this is their very first Blue Plate.

"Thank you, I would like to thank all my customers who kept me in business here. I would like to thank my staff for helping me to keep this place nice and clean and of course I would like to thank News 4 for giving me the award," said Lombardi.

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