Holistic health restaurant Pharm Table aces health inspection

    Pharm Table receives Blue Plate Award

    This week's Blue Plate Award goes to Pharm Table in the Radius building downtown. That's Pharm -- with a PH -- for the medicinal properties packed in their food.

    "Spices, herbs, produce is our medicine cabinet. And we need to get back to using that to heal ourselves with food," said Chef Elizabeth Johnson.

    Chef Elizabeth Johnson says everything in her kitchen has a purpose and it's all centered around your digestive system. And the practice of Ayurveda -- the ancient form of holistic health.

    But let's talk about the flavor... the broccoli soup, thick and savory -- paleo and keto friendly. And the kitchari -- lentils basmati rice, punjab humus, and cabbage. Finally, the avocado mouse -- I mean, serously?

    It's delicious and loaded with healthy ingredients. This is Pharm Table's first Blue Plate Award and Chef Johnson is thrilled!

    Congratulations and thanks for keeping your kitchen -- and our digestive systems -- squeaky clean!

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