Herb & Pickle wins Blue Plate Award for spotless kitchen

    Blue Plate Award: Herb & Pickle

    SAN ANTONIO -- This week's Blue Plate Award goes to Herb & Pickle.

    They serve breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches and specialty sandwiches, but what their known for... are their California Club sandwiches.

    "The most popular sandwich is probably the California Club Sandwich,. It's homemade wheat bread, has homemade chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado, turkey, which is roasted in house, swiss cheese, bacon, put it all together, it's a great sandwich." say's Steve Witten, owner of Herb & Pickle.

    They're located off I-10 near the intersection of hwy 410 & 1-10, on the northwest side of town.

    And some folks go there just for the comfort.

    "It's kind of just a fun joint to go to. We want it to be real casual, we want it to be laid back. We try to find as many old artifacts as we can, that are local.. we are very local. We try to local source whenever we can.. with our decor, with our food and our people and we just want to have a nice comfortable feel." say's Witten.

    And the owner of the restaurant say's he is thrilled for receiving their first blue plate award, "I would like to say thanks to all our pickle lovers out there and power to the pickle. You know, this is a great honor, and we're great to have this - and be a special part of this program."

    Congratulations and thanks for keeping Herb & Pickle squeaky clean.. and Happy National Pickle Day!

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