'Eat good... look good... feel good...' Salata wins Blue Plate Award

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    A healthy and delicious restaurant that serves fresh prepared food everyday.

    This week's Blue Plate Award goes to Salata off Huebner road on the northwest side.

    They're open for lunch and dinner, and they're known for.. their salads.

    "We're Salata Salad Kitchen with fully customize-able salads and salad wraps, with over 50 plus toppings that are freshly prepared daily," said Michael Wilson, General Manager of Salata, Huebner Oaks Center.

    They're located in the Huebner Oaks shopping center just off I-10 on the northwest side of town.

    And they're motto is 'Eat good... look good... feel good...'

    So if you're starting the new year healthy, this place is for you.

    "Because we're a customize-able concept, if you're on any sort of strict diet, you can pick whatever you like and all of our ingredients are listed throughout the line," said Wilson.

    And if you don't want to wait in line... order it online.

    "We do online ordering where you can go to salata.com and place your order and we'll have it ready for you in 15 minutes. We also have the capability of doing a wide variety of different catering orders for any kind of event for family events, work events, or holiday parties," said Wilson.

    And they are thrilled for receiving their first blue plate award.

    "First off, I'd like to thank our customers, who've been coming in for the last 5 years and also our team members who's hard work has made it all possible," said Wilson.

    Congratulations and thanks for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean.

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