Cotton candy wraps & Hong Kong waffle cones wins Blue Plate Award

Bubble Waffle Bar located off Stone Oak Pky

This week's Blue Plate Award goes to the Bubble Waffle Bar located off Stone Oak Parkway.

It's definitely not your traditional wraps...

They take pink cotton candy, a lot of it, and lay it on a table, then they put three different flavors of their own home-made ice cream and wrap the cotton candy around the ice cream.. like a burrito!

He tops it off with condensed milk and sprinkles some fruity pebbles on top and cuts it in half for you to enjoy.

"We got birthday cake, we got Hot Cheetos ice cream, and then we got some regular vanilla in there and you can just grab it like a burrito and eat it." say's JR Gallegos, owner of the Bubble Waffle Bar.
You heard right, "Hot Cheetos ice cream", they make their own ice cream from scratch and they're coming up with delicious flavors .

They're located on the corner of Huebner and Stone Oak Parkway on the north side of town.

And folks go there mainly for their waffle cones.

"We're known for our Hong Kong Egg Waffle, it's a waffle cone, its originally from Hong Kong, that's our number one seller here in the store" says Gallegos.

This is their second location in San Antonio and Gallegos is thrilled for receiving their first blue plate award, "Thank you for choosing us San Antonio and come back and see us, and have a great time with us."

Congratulations Bubble Waffle Bar and thanks for keeping your ice cream shop squeaky clean.

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