Blue Plate Winner: A unique burger joint with a Latin flair aces its health inspection

This week's Blue Plate Award goes to Dos quality and Flavor Restaurant. (News 4 San Antonio)

This week's News 4 Blue Plate Award goes to Dos Quality and Flavor located at 6511 Ingram Road.

Owned and operated by two brothers, Israel and Raul Cepeda, this burger and empanada restaurant is all about the flavors of Mexico, Central, and South America.

The specialty of the house is the Discada burger.

"You have bacon, chorizo, smoked sausage, pork and arrachera", said Raul Cepeda.

It all gets dumped on top of the patty, drizzled with a homemade pepper sauce and sandwiched in between a toasted potato bun.

"You have all that combination of the different beefs. the sauce", said Raul.

They also use the Discada in tacos and empanadas.

"Thank you to Channel 4 and to my family who made this happen and to my brother for making this happen,"said Raul.

"All our efforts go out to the San Antonio fans make sure and come out and take a look at our restaurant and to our family thank you very much for making this happen", said Israel.

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