San Antonio sushi restaurant scores second Blue Plate Award

This is the most popular sushi rolll in Texas, the Longhorn Roll. (News 4 San Antonio).

This week's News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award goes to Godai Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant, located at 11203 West Avenue.

They serve all kinds of sushi rolls from the traditional to the longhorn roll.

"It's named after a the University of Texas. It's a roll, it has two salmon, cheese inside, shrimp and avocado, and the top with tempura scrunchies, shredded crab and spicy mayonnaise," said William "Goro" Pitchford, the restaurant owner.

In this restaurant, the menu is designed with the customer in mind.

"Someone came to me years ago and they said Gore can you make me a roll? He said I went to UT Austin make the Longhorn roll. Okay I will make it and he helped me, he described what he wants in there and then it just came up like that," said Pitchford.

This is a Godai's second Blue Plate, but they had to wait a good 8 years.

"Well I just would like to say you know thank you very much to my clients and my friends that had been supporting me throughout the 13 years," said Pitchford.

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