A popular Mediterranean spot aces its latest health inspection, gets Blue Plate Award

Pasha Express Mediterranean Restaurant aces its latest health inspection and gets a Blue Plate Award for it. (News 4 San Antonio).

This week's News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award goes to Pasha Express located at 10650 Culebra Road.

This is an express location where the best of their menu is served so much faster than ever before

"So Pashas has been around 10 years now this is our newest location this is a new concept this is an express location, it is faster, we pick up some of the most popular items of our menu," said Bilal "Bill" Deiri, director of operations.

Their secret to keep a clean kitchen is to have a happy team

"Happy people you know you have to have a good team and keep them happy and everything works out," said Deiri.

They are beyond grateful for finally scoring their first Blue Plate Award

"I will thank you guys for bringing it to us and the stuff for making this happened here everyday and doing everything that keeps this place clean and keeps it running," said Deiri.

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