A neighborhood Italian joint has waited eight years to score a Blue Plate Award

Cerroni's Purple Garlic got its first Blue Plate Award after eight years .( News 4 San Antonio).

This week's News 4 San Antonio Blue Plate Award goes to Cerroni's Purple Garlic, located at 1017 Austin Highway.

From pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches this restaurant serves all types of Italian dishes, but what is on top of their menu?

"We have the sandwich called the Dean Martin that is very popular that is essentially why the owner mark created this restaurant he wanted a really good Italian sandwich and he couldn't find one in San Antonio," said Liese Segovia, the restaurant manager.

This restaurant has moved around the city, but this location is their first huge success.

"I think this location was very successful because we put a lot of emphasis on the community and doing things for the community," said Segovia.

They are thrilled to finally score their first Blue Plate Award.

"We would just like to thank all our staff and all our customers for sticking around all these years," said Segovia.

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