Mother of man found dead in Calaveras Lake suspects murder

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An update on the body found in Calaveras Lake nearly two months ago.

The medical examiner's office is ruling Patrick Bomba’s death was an accidental drowning. But his mother Darlene Carroll said her son's death may have been because of something more.

"Pat and Clinton were supposed to bury me, I wasn't supposed to bury Patrick." Carroll said.

After her son was found dead in Calaveras Lake nearly 8 weeks ago, Carroll still thinks there's more to her son's death than meets the eye.

"They automatically assumed because he was found in the water he was dead, we all did,” Said Carrol. “But things started some out people started talking and whispering."

"The one thing I know is these people hurt him, and they killed him I don't understand why." Carroll said.

After a premonition from a pup.

"Buguerra showed back up at the house without Patrick,” said Carroll, “Buguerra would've never left Patrick, he would have never left Patrick they were best buds."

And a clue from her son's circle.

"My youngest son he got them talking on text messages about each other, all accusing each other all saying well it wasn't me it was them." Carroll said.

While Carroll admitted her son has a checkered past.

"Yeah he was a small-time drug dealer but that doesn't mean he don't deserve to get justice." Carroll said.

She said the family deserves more.

"All I'm asking is for the law to check into it, question these people take ‘em in and ask them some questions, he deserves to have justice like anybody else so his soul can rest.” Carroll said.

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