Cabinetry tips from Parrish on Main!

There are a few essential things to keep in mind when choosing new cabinetry for your kitchen. Our experts at Parrish on Main compiled the following tips:

-Start a picture book!{} Visit sites such as{} to collect photos of styles, colors, and layouts you like to help in designing your kitchen or bath.

-Work with a qualified professional!{} Cabinetry design can be tricky; to ensure a smart, functional layout work with a Certified Kitchen Designer who knows the tricks of the trade.

-Don't be shy about your budget!{} In order to get the most out of your investment, be realistic with your design team about what you are willing and able to spend so they can make smart choices for you.

-Always go with your first instinct!{} Cabinetry colors and styles evolve regularly and everything looks outdated within 10 years.{} Go with what you love today and enjoy the space you are living in now!

-Think forward!{} When designing your kitchen or bath don't limit yourself to the stage you are in today.{} Think down the road, i.e. "Will this be functional when my kids are 15?"

-Think outside the box!{} Cabinetry is not just for your kitchen or bath.{} Cabinets can be turned in to beautiful entertainment centers, dining room hutches, mud benches, and functional desk spaces.

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