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What are BB Creams and how will they help me?

By Petra Williams, Petra's Salon and Boutique

SAN ANTONIO -- So what are BB creams and how will they help me?

BB (short for "blemish balm") cream were developed in Germany in the 1960s. The creams was help women have one product to protect their skin while evening out their skin tone with the benefits of a sunscreen. BB cream stayed under the radar until South Korean women began using the product to maintain their porcelain-like skin.

Today we now can purchase this multi-tasking product right here in the US.{}

Powerful antioxidants, sunscreen, anti-aging components, and makeup are all part of the ingredients of a BB cream.{}

Today's women should have a minimal makeup look.

Her skin should look dewy and refreshed and, most importantly, she should make sure she is using a broad spectrum SPF
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