Preventing and removing chlorine from the hair

Heading to the pool this summer? Here are some tips to avoid chlorine damage to your hair.

  1. Always wet hair prior to jumping into a chlorinated pool.
  2. Coat hair if possible with a leave in conditioner or a Dimethicone hair product prior to getting into pool.
  3. Bathing caps work!
  4. Once hair has been wet by chlorine rinse as soon as you get out of pool.
  5. Shampoo hair as soon as possible with a clarifying shampoo.
  6. Baking soda mixed with regular shampoo also will remove chlorine buildup as well as hairspray buildup.
  7. If your hair has turned that weird shade of "green" then try using lemon juice on it with baking soda. If the "green" doesn't lift {}{}{} away it is time to seek a professional. FYI- the green does not come from chlorine but other minerals in the water.
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