Zoning systems address issues that result from poor planning

    Zoning systems can help compensate for deficiencies in your home's cooling and heating plan. Some comfort issues in your house seem to be built in.

    Often, temperature requirements of a house can't be accommodated by a single-thermostat, single-zone configuration. Since hot air naturally rises in split-level houses, for example, somebody can be too hot upstairs while another resident downstairs is chilly. Homes with features like expansive windows, cathedral ceilings, lofts or add-on rooms often have trouble keeping everybody in the house comfortable at the same time.

    Zoning systems convert a single air conditioner and furnace into a system capable of providing different comfort levels to diverse areas of the home. Dual capacity systems work best with zoning.

    Here's how zoning works:

    • A series of motorized dampers are installed in your existing ductwork to divide the house into different temperature zones. Dedicated thermostats in each zone communicate with a central controller located at the furnace and air conditioning units. In the default position with the HVAC system off, all dampers in all zones are open.
    • When the thermostat in Zone 1 calls for cooled or heated air, the dampers in all the other zones close, the A/C or furnace starts and airflow is conveyed only into Zone 1. If Zone 2 subsequently signals for heating and cooling, the dampers in that zone also open to allow the flow of conditioned air.
    • As the thermostat setting in each zone is achieved, dampers leading to the respective zones close. When all zones have reached the desired temperature, the air conditioner or furnace rests and all dampers return to the default open position.

    In addition to allowing different comfort zones to coexist under the same roof with a single HVAC system, zoning systems also save energy because unoccupied areas of the home are no longer needlessly cooled or heated. In addition, a zoned system cycles on and off less frequently, reducing wear and tear on A/C and furnace components.

    Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning means comfort and efficiency to San Antonio homeowners. Ask us for more details about the benefits of adapting zoning systems for your home.

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