Dual-fuel heating systems optimize energy

    Dual-fuel systems are fast becoming the darling of hybrid equipment for the home. Much like a hybrid vehicle, dual-fuel heating systems combine the efficiency of an electric-powered heat pump with the cold-weather performance of a gas-powered furnace. Find out why{}a dual-fuel system{}may be the next required upgrade in your home.{}

    The heat pump portion During the heating season, the{}air-source heat pump{}works hard to move heat around. In this way, electricity is consumed by the pump that moves heat, but the unit doesnt actually generate heat, which is perhaps the most significant reason that heat pumps perform so well in San Antonios mild climate. Even though it may feel cold outside to you, cold air actually holds heat, and the heat pump is able to source enough heat energy in the outside air to heat your home, as long as the temperature remains above 30 degrees or so. In fact, heat pumps are so efficient that homeowners can expect that for every dollar spent on electricity to power the pump, theyll get a return of $4 worth of heat. Thats impressive, especially when compared to the performance of a gas furnace, the most efficient of which doesnt even reach a 1-to-1 return. However, dont dismiss the furnaces value just yet.

    The gas furnace portion{}The{}backup gas furnace{}is an essential component of the dual-fuel system. When temperatures drop below 30 degrees, the heat pump reverts to its highly inefficient built-in backup heating element. Instead of relying on the heating element, the dual-fuel system puts the furnace to work. However, the majority of the winter seasons temperatures hover above 30 degrees, so you can expect to enjoy ultra-comfortable and efficient heating from the heat pump portion of the system, knowing you can rely on the furnace during extreme temperatures.
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