Discover what's behind the power of electronic air cleaners

    Hybrid Electronic Mechanical Media Air Cleaners use the power of ionization to attract and capture airborne particulates that traditional mechanical filters may let slip through.

    While the standard air filter installed in your heating and cooling system does a good job of removing large, inorganic particles from household air, maintaining indoor air quality isn't its true primary purpose.

    The air filter is mainly there to protect the parts in your air conditioner and furnace from excess wear and tear caused by dust and other particulates and to keep those particles from becoming embedded in the evaporator coil. This causes restriction in the airflow and freeze-ips. To ensure the quality of breathing air, particulates that are too small to be picked up by standard filters must be addressed, and that's where air cleaners come in.

    Whole-house Hybrid Electronic Mechanical Media Air Cleaners mount inside the return ducts of your HVAC system and treat the entire quantity of air in the home as it circulates through the ducts each day. Here's how the technology works to safeguard all the air you breathe at home:

    • Air passes into the ionization stage of the filter through a high-voltage grill. The electronic field gives airborne particulates either a positive or negative electronic charge. Charged particles are naturally attracted to surfaces with the opposite electric charge.
    • Airflow reaches the Mechanical Media collector stage where the opposite charged media attracts and captures the particulates. The best of the whole-house hybrid cleaners are rated to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns well into the microscopic range. This includes all common inorganic particles and many microorganisms like mold spores, pollen and bacteria. The best of these pack enough of a charge in the mechanical media to actually kill mold spores and bacteria.

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