Choosing a Programmable Thermostat

    By Don Rackler, Expert

    SAN ANTONIO-The challenges of keeping a comfortable home at a reasonable cost are ongoing. Fuel and energy prices seem to consistently be on the rise and trying to keep our bills within reason is a struggle. A popular and cost-effective upgrade thats reducing those bills is through the use of programmable thermostats.

    Programmable thermostats enable us to have a comfortable home when we are there, and reduce energy consumption when we are away. We can program our heating and air to adjust to a higher or lower temperature setting automatically when the home is unoccupied. Then, a short while before coming in, the settings can adjust back to a comfortable range. Once we come in, the home comfort is where it should be.

    Programmable thermostats come in three basic types. The simplest is a 5 2 model. This works best for those who have a steady, predictable weekly routine. The thermostat sets itself as the home gets empty and then returns to normal levels for a five day working or school routine. The weekend setting then works independently from the workdays.

    The 5 1 1 allows for similar operation but permits Sunday settings to be different from Saturday settings.

    The 7-day model works for those whose schedules tend to change daily. These thermostats permit each day to be set to a totally different schedule from another.

    Options range from off-site programming by way of phone or Internet to "Hold" settings for vacations and weekends or holidays away.

    The wide range of our Texas temperature patterns can result in high energy consumption. The use of programmable thermostats gives more control over the costs of heating and cooling our homes and businesses.

    If you need more detailed information on these energy-saving thermostats,our expert staff at Jon Wayne Heating and Air Conditioning can provide in-depth answers to all your questions. We can help you select the best model for your situation and weekly schedule as well as arrange for professional installation.

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