Help Us Find: Rosa Maria Shipley

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    SEGUIN -- As Christmas near, the holiday is another painful reminder for the family of Rosa Maria Shipley.

    "We're down because we're missing the head of our family, " said Becky Juarez, Shipley's daughter.

    Juarez says her mother hasn't been seen since May of 1996. "She disappeared from her home here in Seguin, " said Officer Tanya Brown, a spokesperson for the Seguin Police Department.

    As the Seguin Police Department continues to investigate Shipley's disappearance, her family wonders just what happened.

    "I don't know where she went, I don't know where she could be that she wouldn't contact us, " added Juarez.

    In May of 2017 there was a potential lead Shipley may have been in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    "We drove all night, I would not stop, I think it took us 25 hours to get to Utah, "Juarez went on to say.

    While there was no sign of Shipley, her family says when they contact police in Utah they were told back in 1998 there was a report taken from a Rosa Maria Shipley outside of a woman's shelter.

    "That someone had mugged her and took her purse, took her bag and her bag has some of her information, " Juarez said.

    The family after so many years just wants closure, "We need that for all of us to go on."

    The Seguin Police Department also wants to be able to bring closure to Shipley's family. "Somebody might know her, or see her face, " added Brown.

    Shipley's family continues to hold on to faith that she will one day make it home. Shipley is 69 years old, has brown eyes black hair, is 5’5’ and may weigh

    around 155 pounds. If you have any information on Shipley's disappearance your asked to call the Seguin Police Department at (830) 379-2123.

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