Children heard murder victim scream for help

    SAN ANTONIO -- Three children are safe in Child Protective Services custody and a fourth is with a relative, days after police say their mother and another man beat a man to death inside a bedroom in their home.{} Police say Candie Dominguez, 35, asked a relative to keep her three children in another bedroom and that witness then heard Dominguez and Daniel Moreno Lopez, 28, arguing with Jose Luis Menchaca, 35.{} The witness later told police he heard Dominguez and Lopez beat Menchaca with what sounded like baseball bats and the children told investigators they heard someone screaming and yelling for help and they saw blood in their mother's bedroom, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

    Authorities could not confirm the victim's identity due to the condition of the body, which was found inside trash bags inside the garage.{} The witness told police he saw Dominguez and Lopez remove the body and put it inside Dominguez' Chevrolet Suburban and he saw a large amount of blood in Dominguez' bedroom.

    A relative reported Menchaca missing Monday, and he was last seen Sept. 30 at the home on Hillwood Dr. on the North Side.

    "I was very upset and the neighbors are too. Very very upset. Sick to their stomachs," said a neighbor who did not wish to be identified.{} She said she was very concerned about the children.

    "I think that's very damaging. That's going to be with them the rest of their lives. Instead of the mother protecting them, as we're supposed to protect them, she had no common sense getting them out of the house."

    She said the suspects had not lived in the home for very long but said there was a lot of partying going on there and police had come out several times.{} Police later found methamphetamine inside the home.{} The says the witness told Menchaca's relative what he had seen and she called police.

    Dominguez and Lopez are charged with murder.

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