Local student trainer represents 'Rocket Pride' at Judson High School
There's no doubt Brandon Ivey has Rocket Pride. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - He is part coach, part trainer... with a heavy dose of team motivator thrown in. But if you're looking to sum up Judson High School student Brandon Ivey in two words. those 2 words are 'Rocket Pride.'

"Rocket Pride is something you find within yourself," explained Judson softball coach Theresa Urbanovsky.

The age old question... what exactly is it?

"When you can be true, and serve and genuinely love your community and players you are with, you can see those characteristics," said Urbanovsky.

Urbanovsky says some have it, some don't. 

There's no doubt Brandon Ivey has it, and he got it from his mom Deborah.

"My mom always said, 'Have good attitude, represent family. When you walk out of door -- have a good attitude -- there's always something good happening.'"

Brandon is a vital part of both the volleyball and softball teams at Judson -- because of his spirit.

"It's real. You can see by my eyes. He's loved," said Urbanovsky. "I see him as one of our own kids. One of our players. I see him as a gift from God."

He's also loud. Seriously. He's a weapon because he distracts the other team.

"Every team, every umpire asks about him. He has that kind of presence. He's special," said Urbanovsky.

The entire district chose Brandon to spotlight. So what does that mean to him?

"Wow! I'm speechless. The district chose me? Wow! They really chose me? It's mind blowing. Can't even think of words right now," said Brandon.

I can think of two words... 'Rocket Pride.'

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