Helpful tips from an expert to save you money during the severe winter weather
(SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - We have some helpful tips for you tonight that will help save you time and money during weather events like the winter storm that's hitting Texas.

We spoke with Manny Mallen, a heating and air conditioning expert and owner of Air Today, who says one of the biggest issues are drafts.

(SBG San Antonio)

If you have cold air coming in through your doors or windows, put a rolled up towel where the air is coming in to help block it.

Also, if you think your heater is on it's last leg, there's something you can do. 

"Your heat pump, if it does fail or get frozen over we do tell homeowners switch it over to emergency heat," Mallen said. "Even if it's struggling right now switch it to emergency heat, try to get some heat. "

This is one of those tips that makes all of the difference in a last minute emergency and a good thing to keep in mind since it's hard for anyone to make it out on the roads right now.

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