Are San Antonio's warnings and fines causing some to not recycle?

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SAN ANTONIO---New numbers tonight on how many of you have received those warnings and fines from the city of San Antonio because the wrong thing was found in your recycle bin.

So as of July 1st it became really important that we know what can go in and what's not supposed to be in these recycle bins because if you put the wrong thing it can cost you money

"When we noticed the blue can, there is a black plastic bag, the garbage plastic bag, which we never use,” Explains Eufemia Thompson

Imagine Eufemia's surprise when a warning showed up on her blue recycle bin saying she'd have to pay if she put non-recyclables inside again. Included were pictures of the culprit bin, in front of a house that wasn't even hers.

"They checked into the system and the guy said yes this is not your house and it's a mistake and they said sorry," says Euphemia.

News 4 got a hold of these numbers;

Showing since the program started the city has written more than 25-hundred warnings and doled out 108 fines.

Tiffany Edmonds-Public Relations for San Antonio Solid Waste Management explains, "Not only is it a safety hazard for the people that work at the plants, but it's also a hazard to the recyclables that are in the blue cart that are good like paper or some kind of card board."

Through our open records request, we learned it's not uncommon for your neighbors to send back their recycle bins, about a-hundred bins a month on average.

But in July and August a total of 457 requests for removal.

Is that because of the fines?

"We're not really sure because we just implemented it. So we don't know if it’s a reaction to the fact that it's the fines and people are a little bit worried about it or if it's the time of the year, says Edmond"

And that is what solid waste management says is why they handle the way they do.

"That's why we take the pictures of the cart number itself, of the house so that when we send the information to the residents that gives them the opportunity to tell us no it’s not my cart ," explains Edmond.

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