VOTE: Week 2 High School Football Play of the Week

High school football play of the week

SAN ANTONIO - Every week we find the best of the best and have you vote for our play of the week.

Play # 1. Nik Proctor, Alamo Heights - A deep ball gets tipped, but sweet concentration by Nik Proctor to get it and score. Take another look. Bronco defender gets his hands on the ball, but Proctor stays with it and gets the touchdown.

Play # 2. Vincent Gonzalez/Juan Gonzales, Brackenridge - Brack's Vincent Gonzalez with the heave. It doesn't look pretty, but it gets the job done, all the way to the end zone. Juan Gonzales comes down with it.

Play # 3. Marcus Guerra/Millard Bradford, O'Connor - A highlight from Thursday Night Lights. The Churchill Chargers going for a field goal, but Marcus Guerra blocks the attempt. Millard Bradford taps the ball away from the defender then scoops it up running it back 56 yards.

Vote in our poll below. We'll announce the winners Wednesday night. Can't see the poll? CLICK HERE to vote...

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