WATCH: That time Rudy Gay smacked up DeMarcus Cousins

Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins (Via Twitter)

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

If this is any indication the newest member of the San Antonio Spurs, Rudy Gay, has no fear taking on the biggest guys on the floor next season, then the Spurs will be sitting pretty.

Before Gay became a Spur, he was teammates with Pelicans' DeMarcus Cousins on the 2016 Team USA squad that won gold in Rio. And from the looks of things, Rudy is quite comfortable smacking up his teammates.

While Cousins was conducting an interview, Gay proceeded to playfully slap him upside his head and stare him down. Cousins, who is known for having a quick temper on the floor, didn't jump up and attack Gay. Nope, he just took it and laughed it off.

Check out Gay giving Cousins a "friendly" tap on the head because nothing says building team camaraderie than slapping your teammates up.

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