South San's big shot has an even bigger backstory

There are some moments that make lifelong friendships in high school.

“We always stuck together," senior guard Adrian Garcia explained, "us guys have been friends for a long time."

And they're not always good.

"It was heartbreaking," senior guard Leo Guerrero said, "you never want to go through that again."

South San lost the district title in the last game of the last season.

That shot meant another year with unfilfilled expectations. These four were part of a team that went 40 and 4 in two years at middle school.

"From the time they entered high school," South San head coach Ray Carroll explained, "they've always had a goal to win a district title."

"ast Monday was their last shot.

In overtime, laredo united was up by a point. South san got the ball with 12 seconds to go.

Assistant coach Quincy Mason called the final play.

"I saw that our shot was not going to be there," coach Mason explained, "then I thought, 'well what are we going to do now?'"

"And I forgot the play," senior center Richard Belton said, "I went to screen Leo's man. That wasn't supposed to happen but it did!"

"I was just hearing to shoot the ball," Guerrero said, "shoot the ball!"

"And then that ball went up," Mason said, "I though, 'God I hope that goes in!'"

Leo's deep three went in just as the buzzer rang. South San gymnasium went crazy as their Bobcats won a district title.

South San hit the practice court for the first time since the big shot more motivated than ever because even though some moments will live forever.

But they know a chance for an even greater one lies ahead.

"Now we just start all over," Belton said, "we want to make a run to State and for greatness."

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