Without Tim Duncan it would have been impossible

Tim & Coach Pop

SAN ANTONIO - I've said here before I think Tim Duncan is the third greatest NBA player of all time behind Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But none of that matters to San Antonians because we don't care what people think outside of our city.

I have known Tim almost 20 years; back to draft night in Charlotte in 1997.

It's been more than great. Growing up here as an ABA kid, I never dreamed that our Spurs would win one NBA title, let alone five. And although the Iceman, The Admiral and Coach Pop - all join Tim on the Spurs Mt. Rushmore. Even they would admit without Tim, what we have here would have been impossible.

And to be able to have a front row seat? Simply put Timmy, and you like things simple, thank you - for all of it.

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