In the kitchen with Kathy!


You read that right! Our grillin' gal is usually outside but today, she's switching it up! Kathy Pullin is here showing Shelly how to make a Beef Burgandy stew. Watch to see how and see below for the recipe to try it at home!

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2 lbs sirloin

1 medium red onion

3 stalks of Celery

1 cup baby carrots

Egg noodles

Bottle burgundy wine

16 oz beef broth or stock

3 Tablespoons of Black Magic rub

1 teaspoon of Italian season

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Tenderize sirlion, then cit into bite size pieces add to plastic bag, add black magic rub and shake to evenly coat. Chop celery and onions into medium bite size pieces place in bowl add carrots, drizzle lightly with oil, salt and pepper.

Place large pan over medium heat, add olive oil once hot. Add meat and stir quickly to brown all sides, remove from pan, add vegetables once onions are done add meat and liquids, Italian seasoning let simmer on a low boil for a couple of hours till liquid is reduced in half.

Boil egg noodles, when done drain place in bottom of large bowl and top with Beef Burgundy mixture. Enjoy!

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