Whataburger warns customers of fake social media coupon

Whataburger warned customers on Facebook Thursday of fake coupon for "Dollar Burger Day" making the rounds on social media. (File photo: CBS Austin)

Texas-based burger chain Whataburger took to Facebook on Thursday to tell its customers that a "too good to be true" coupon making the rounds on social media was phony.

The coupon alleges to be valid for "Dollar Burger Day" on Saturday, May 6, 2017, with recipients able to get a Whataburger for just $1.

Whataburger issued the following statement on the coupon:

We were notified about a fake promotion shared on social media regarding Whataburgers being sold for $1. We are sorry for the confusion, but this promotion is a hoax, and is not associated with Whataburger in any way.
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