Cooking pots stored in mop sink at Vegetarian Cafe

A vegetarian cafe fails it's latest health inspection, while a Thai restaurant earns a perfect score and a Blue Plate from us.

Vegetarian Cafe fails health inspection

Pavani Express Vegetarian Cafe at 5755 Evers scored a failing score of 68. Inspectors found several violations including:

  • Unclean vent hoods where grease was seen dripping
  • Food handlers were not wearing proper hair restraints
  • Food was not properly covered
  • Storing pots in the mop sink

Inspectors also ordered the restaurant to replace ceiling tiles to prevent insects and rodents from entering.

Ya-Ya's Thai Restaurant awarded Blue Plate

This week's Blue Plate winner is Ya-Ya's Thai Restaurant at 8085 Callaghan Road. They've been serving up authentic Thai flavors since 2010.

Congratulations guys, and thanks for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean!

Check out the other restaurant inspection scores here.

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