San Antonio fitness clubs targeted hundreds of times by thieves

When you head to the gym to work out the last thing on your mind is someone stealing your stuff. But thousands of dollars-worth of property is being stolen out of vehicles and lockers at fitness centers all over San Antonio.

We spent the last several months looking over more than 800 police reports filed at some of the most popular fitness centers. We found the three most common crimes were locker theft, vehicle break-ins and car theft.

We only included locker incidents that pertained to "locked" lockers.

“It was Gold's Gym. I think it was like in mid-July. I was at the gym and I finished my workout. Went to the locker to get my stuff and the locker was broken,” says a woman we’ll call Kaylee. She didn’t want to speak on camera because she’s nervous about her safety.

Over the summer, someone broke into her locker at the Gold's Gym on San Pedro on the Northside while she was working out.

“I started to freak out and then I started, you know, frantically opening all of the lockers like where's my stuff and then I went downstairs and told the management,” Kaylee told us.

She took a picture of the damage, which looks like someone just popped off the lock plate. Kaylee says her prescription glasses and car keys were stolen. At the time she was worried her car might have been stolen.

“I ran over to the window to see if my car was there. I saw it,” she says.

However, about 10 minutes later, when she went back up to her locker, two more lockers had been burglarized.

“I remember seeing those locks on there still because mine was broken and when I went back up those were busted off. And so they were still in the building,” Kaylee said.

There are more than 20 Gold's Gyms in the San Antonio area and police records show they have the highest number of the three top crimes.

According to police, in a two and half year period, there were more than 430 incidents involving locker thefts, vehicle burglaries and stolen vehicles.

In those reports we counted four Rolex watches stolen out of locked lockers, totaling more than $35,000.

Wedding rings, laptops, and purses were also stolen.

According to police, more than 200 vehicles were broken into in Gold's Gym parking lots. Someone had close to $18,000 worth of clothing and furs stolen out of their car.

Guns were taken, as well: a 357-magnum and a 38-special.

We reached out to Gold's Gym numerous times for comment, however, no one returned our calls or emails.

Many fitness centers and gyms display signs stating they're not responsible for lost or stolen items, which Kaylee says is understandable if members aren't securing their belongings.

But if the lockers provided are easy to get into she thinks the gym should be responsible for her stolen stuff. Or at the very least, provide members more secure lockers.

She took another picture of that same locker after the gym repaired it. I showed the lock plate was screwed back on, but they left a gap.

“My lock wasn't broken. Their locker was broken. So that's really on them you know? If you provide lockers, people are going to put their things in there, so why wouldn't you be responsible for the things that you put in there?”

Kaylee never did get her glasses or her car keys back. Police say the best way to make sure your belongings are secure is to leave them at home.

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