Medicare mix-up almost costs local psychologist her business

SBG San Antonio

A local woman lost her husband, then almost lost her livelihood because of a Medicare mix-up.

News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila helped her take on the bureaucracy and get back the money she earned.

Dr. Nancy Logan is a psychologist whose been treating patients for decades, sharing a practice with her husband Dr. Richard Garver. Until Dr. Garver passed away last November.

“It was important to me I know it's important to stay engaged with life when you have a major loss. The folks that I see are very important to my heart so I wanted to continue to see them," Logan says.

So Dr. Logan kept seeing her patients, some of whom were on Medicare. Then in March Medicare dropped a bombshell: it was not going to pay Dr. Logan for patients she'd been treating since her husband died.

“So essentially five months of work was null and void as far as they were concerned," Logan says.

It turns out when Dr. Logan's husband died, his Medicare number, that allows you to bill the government for treating Medicare patients, was deactivated.

The problem is, they also deactivated Dr. Nancy Logan’s Medicare number by mistake. On top of that, Medicare insisted she owed them money that had been incorrectly paid out to her.

“I was struggling enough to keep my business going and stay focused and this was a major distraction. It just felt like one more struggle," Logan says.

Dr. Logan filed two appeals and called her senators for help, to no avail. So she contacted the News 4 Trouble Shooters.

I fired off emails to Medicare and its contractor Novitas Solutions. And within a couple of weeks Dr. Logan was paid the money she was owed.

Now this professional who helps others cope with life's problems can put her own stressful episode behind her.

“Absolutely, I thank you so much for your help," Logan said.

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