Local mom said she saw many babies die under care of Genene Jones

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The news of baby killer Genene Jones second indictment in a month is a relief to local mom, Juanita Robles.

Jones was indicted in the 1981 baby deaths of Joshua Sawyer and Rosemary Vega.

That is the same year Juanita Robles' child was in the pediatric intensive care unit at what was then Bexar County Hospital.

Alejandra Robles was there for 6 weeks recovering from surgery.

Mother Juanita Robles spent every day there keeping watch over her daughter.

It was during that time Robles took notice of the nurse now known as the Angel of Death, Genene Jones, and the babies in her care.

"I saw a lot of babies die," Robles said. "I don't know how many, but there were a lot of babies."

Robles noticed a pattern; Jones would work with the babies, then minutes later they would crash.

"She would leave and then a couple minutes or a minute or so, the baby was struggling and they would run to him and they would take him and they would say that he died," Robles said.

Robles has no proof that Jones was responsible for the series of events that changed her daughter's life, but there is little doubt in her mind.

Alejandra is now 36 years old and while she comprehends, she can not read or make decisions on her own.

Robles said her cognitive issues date back to the episode she had while hospitalized ini 1981.

She remembers Jones encouraging her to leave the ICU and with much reluctance, one day, she did, but only for ten minutes.

"After ten minutes, I went inside and the doctors they were all with my daughter and the nurses were running and I said what's going on," Robles said. "The nurse told me you need to leave, your daughter is fighting for her life."

Robles said she was later told by a nurse that her daughter had been injected by mistake.

Jones was eventually convicted in the death of only one child, 15 month old Chelsea McClellan, but she is accused of killing dozens of babies.

"All these babies that were dying you know maybe if I would have spoken or said something," Robles said.

Jones was scheduled to be released in March of 2018 because of a mandatory release law, but will now have to stand trial in Bexar County.

The District Attorney's Office is working on at least 2 other cases. It will take a new conviction to keep her behind bars.


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