Flies, gnats & meat stored in containers with yellowish residue

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse scored a 57 on its latest Metro Health Inspection. (News 4 San Antonio)

A Japanese restaurant has plenty of mistakes to correct while a Hawaiian restaurant earns a perfect score and the week's News 4 Blue Plate Award.

Sumo Japanese Steakhouse, 8342 Interstate 10 Frontage Rd, scored a 57 on its last inspection. Health inspectors found the following issues:

  • meat was placed in containers that had a yellowish residue around the outside and inside
  • employees cutting raw beef and going into different areas without washing their hands
  • flies and gnats were in the dishwashing and storage areas
  • light shields weren't fixed as they were supposed to after the restaurant's last inspection
  • kitchen needs some repairs, the restaurant has until the middle of August to get this done

Aloha Kitchen Captures Blue Plate Award

This week's Blue Plate award goes to Aloha Kitchen, 1151 Harry Wurzbach Road. The family-owned restaurant has been serving up Lau Lau and other classic Hawaiian dishes since 1985.

"A Blue Plate Award. That mean's we did really, really good on our health inspection, and all of our customers are going to be so happy!" says owner, Renee Park.

Thanks guys, for keeping your kitchen squeaky clean.

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