Don't get burned by contractors moving in to repair storm damage

SAN ANTONIO - Unfortunately, it happens whenever severe weather hits. Opportunistic roofers and repair crews swarm into damaged neighborhoods looking for work.

News 4 Trouble Shooter Jaie Avila explains how to protect yourself from being victimized twice.

First, the red flags to look for according to the Better Business Bureau: Be cautious of anyone going door to door soliciting work in unmarked trucks. Don't give in to high pressure sales tactics and beware of anyone asking for payment up front.

Here's what you need to do before authorizing any work: Research the company on the internet, that includes checking the BBB website. Compare several quotes and ask for references and try to talk to those previous customers.

When you choose a contractor, get everything in writing, including when they'll start and when they'll finish. Make sure all work is explained in the contract, including clean up along with details about how payment will be handled.

Finally, we can't stress this enough, make sure that contract has the name of the contractor on it along with a physical address and phone number. We hear from a lot of victims who pay money up front, the contractor never finishes the work and the homeowners have no way to contact them.

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