Don't be fooled, Nintendo Switch emulators aren't real

Don't be fooled, Nintendo Switch emulators aren't real. (MGN Online)

The Federal Trade Commission is urging the public not to feed into online ads for Nintendo Switch emulators.

Those who could not get their hands on a Nintendo Switch gaming system may find the emulators to be the next best thing but ultimately they are not.

It's a scam. When you try to download the Nintendo Switch emulator, you can install unwanted applications on your computer.

According to a release, a link to a survey also presents itself, stating that you need to complete it to get a code in order to download the emulator which does not exist.

What can you do to avoid this scam?

  • Don’t download anything that says it’s a Nintendo Switch emulator.
  • Don’t complete a survey to get an “unlock code.” That’s a red flag for a scam.
  • Keep your security software current. Set it to update automatically. Installing unknown programs can lead to malware.
  • Play Nintendo Switch at your friend’s house until you’re able to buy the real one yourself.
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