SPARC Party celebrates SA milestone in renovation & building green


A big party on Houston Street celebrated the best and the brightest in San Antonio's efforts to build green in a beautifully renovated old office building/department store.

The Maverick Building (just west of the Buckhorn Hall of Horns) played host to the 3rd Annual 'SPARC' Party put on by Build San Antonio Green.

SPARC stands for Sustainable Progressive And Renewable City.

And Thursday night, the Maverick Building's owner David Adelman was honored for completing the first-of-its-kind renovation for a mixed-use building in San Antonio.

"Tonight we are here to celebrate our first SMART green certification," said Anita Ledbetter of Build San Antonio Green (bsag).

"Which means it's an automated green building. This is the beginning of the future."

She says an 'automated' green building includes things like NEST thermostats and all LED lighting, and the Maverick even has its own solar plant on the roof.

"We're here tonight to celebrate this accomplishment," Ledbetter said. "And also it's an important fundraiser and awards ceremony."

Ledbetter says most people who live here may not realize San Antonio's status as a green city.

"I think San Antonio is leading the nation on several fronts. We are the number one purchaser of renewable energy, wind and solar together, in the state of Texas. We're number seven nationally in solar. We're a leader in water conservation. There are people that come from all over the world to San Antonio and look at the accomplishments."

Adelman is also working on a number of other projects downtown, including renovating another building just across Houston Street for high-tech office space.

"We're super-excited about all the development happening downtown, Frost Tower, what Graham Weston and his team at Weston Urban are doing, what Kevin Covey and his team at Gray Street [Partners] are doing. There's just tons of action. So people can hang out, they can go to local bars, restaurants, work, live, the whole package, it's really I think the future for a lot of people."

For more information about Build San Antonio Green, click here for their website.

For information about the apartments in the Maverick Building (which is now leasing) click here.

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