Honoring military spouses - Stars Behind the Stripes!

After a successful event Saturday, they're already planning a Second Annual event for November of 2017. News 4 WOAI-TV Randy Beamer photo.

San Antonio earns our nickname 'Military City, U.S.A.' every November with a growing number of events built around Veterans Day.

And a unique, new one this year is already such a success, they've set a date for the Second Annual Stars Behind the Stripes night for next year!

The 'Stars' honored at this date night, dinner and dance are all military spouses, those who do their part to serve and sacrifice - just in different ways.

They were each given a rose as they walked into La Fontana Springs Special Event Center Saturday, just the beginning of a special night out.

"We've got almost 733-thousand military spouses out there today who are basically the bedrock and the foundation behind keeping our military safe and sound, especially while they're out doing they're mission - while deployed overseas." said Jeff Kendall.

Kendall is a retired Brigadier General who is now Vice President of Operations for #10,000 Strong.

That's an effort to better connect those in the military and veterans with all the different services and businesses (10,000 Strong) available to them which they may not know about.

And Saturday night was a first here - to specifically recognize military spouses.

"They're mothers and daughters, and husbands and wives, and sisters and brothers, but in most cases, they're also the ones who are really holding down the fort at home, kind of the unsung heroes. And in my view, they're sort of the wind beneath our wings," Kendall said.

Congratulations (and thanks) to Jeff Kendall, Jeanette Robinson of Consultis,, and 10,000 Strong for a great event.

I'll be posting some photos I took at the event on my own facebook page,