WATCH: Shoplifting fight over Hot Cheetos caught on camera

Photo courtesy CNN Newsource / KTXL

Video of a confrontation at a California convenience store is going viral. Witnesses say it all began when a man and woman tried to walk out of the store with snacks they didn't pay for and the Hot Cheetos went flying.

The last and most violent moments of a strong arm robbery in citrus heights replayed on the convenience store security monitors.

"I'm like, ‘Okay dude. Calm down. Calm down.’ He's like 'No, no, no,'" explained store clerk Wyatt Bennett.

Bennett says it all started Tuesday around 6pm when the man and woman in the video were hauled out for allegedly shoplifting from the AM-PM on Madison in San Juan.

“And then her boyfriend got pretty upset at that part, so he started knocking down some of the stuff from the front,” said Bennett.

Bennett was on the phone with Citrus Heights Police as the couple hit and pushed him and the other store clerk who were trying to stop the two from walking out with food they didn't pay for.

“I didn't want to start throwing punches at my boss or anything,” said Bennett.

Meanwhile, a customer sitting outside in her car captured the now viral video on her phone.

Georgia Peterson watched, appalled as the chaos continues.

"She went to hit the clerk with the bag of chips. They blew up everywhere. And then because she lost a couple bags of chips she turned around and got some more,” said Peterson.

Then another man and woman join in. The man is a customer trying to help. But the woman...

“She walked in.. ugh.. shoved me. 'Don't touch my sister!' That's what I heard,” said Bennett.

“She used her body and just like bulldozer,” said Peterson.

Here's the part that's sending the internet into a frenzy. That woman heads straight for Georgia, but instead of her phone, Georgia says she gave her a 7.5 million volt threat.

“I just grabbed my taser and I was like okay,” said Peterson.

No one was left seriously hurt, but the victims are left in wonder of the senselessness of it all.

"Over hot Cheetos... are they really that delicious?” asked Peterson.

"Get a job!" said Bennett.

The Citrus Heights Police Department is searching for the unidentified male and two unidentified females seen in the video.

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