How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

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The new year usually comes with new resolutions. Some people will meet their goals and others will not. So how you can be one of those who succeeds?

Change can be hard, especially once life goes back to normal after the holidays.

To succeed with resolutions going forward, Sports Psychologist Dr. Stephen Graef at Ohio State's Wexner Medical Center recommends looking to the past with the acronym -- P.A.S.T.

P” stands for PLAN.

"Being able to identify what our goal is and establishing steps to be able to get there is critical," said Dr. Graef.

A: ARRANGE your environment -- handy for those who resolve to get up earlier each morning.

"By just sitting my cell phone across on the other edge of the room or on the other edge of my bed, it forces me to actually get up in the morning," Dr. Graef told us.

S: STICK to one thing.

"If we try to chase too many rabbits, we catch none,” explained Dr. Graef. “So we want to be able to focus on one rabbit, one resolution, one goal, and just go hard and obsessive at that particular type of goal."

T: make it TOO easy to fail.

Instead of trying to commit to one hour of exercise every day, try something a little less life altering.

"If we're talking exercise, one minute, all right, then move up to five minutes, then move up 10 minutes,” said Dr. Graef.

Experts say the most important thing of all is to accept ourselves a little more regardless of where we are in life.

Having social support can also be beneficial when it comes to following through with those New Year’s resolutions.

Reported by: Erika Edwards, NBC News

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