David's Law filed in Austin

David Molak

AUSTIN- An emotional and historical day out of Austin Monday. The family of David Molak alongside State Senator Jose Menendez and State Representative Ina Minjarez filed David's law. A law aimed at combating and preventing cyber bullying after 16-year-old David Molak tragically took his own life in January as a result of bullying. With this bill passed, those behind it hope no family has to endure the tragedy that the Molak's and so many others across the state of Texas have.

"I want bullies to know, cyber bullies, that they can't get away with it that they can't just hide because the law is not sufficient."

Matt and Maurine Molak say not a minute of any day goes by that they don't think about their son David.

David tragically took his own life January 4th after experiencing extensive cyber bullying. With no law in place to hold the bullies accountable, his family stood behind Senator Menendez’s efforts to have a law.

"This is going to set some ground rules and spell out the definition and some consequences as well as criminal consequences as well,” said David’s dad Matt Molak

Senator Menendez says this bill would:

1. Require all schools to have a cyberbullying policy

2. Students have the ability to report bullying anonymously

3. Schools can investigate bullying off campus

Right now it is a misdemeanor offense. Menedez says he does not want those in offense to go to jail, but rather stop bullying and find out the root of the issued.

"We have to draw a line, this has to stop and so that is why we are doing this. So we can find some relief for the kids being bullied and tell the bullies you are not going to get away with it,” said Senator Jose Menendez.

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