WOW: Introducing San Antonio's new mobile job application center

Workforce on Wheels has 12 Wi-FI enabled computers to apply to jobs, school. (SBG Photo)

SAN ANTONIO--If you're part of the 4.2 percent of people in the San Antonio area looking for work, it just got a little easier. There's a new mobile application center making its way around San Antonio.

It’s called the Workforce on Wheels or W.O.W. bus.

With a dozen Wi-Fi enabled computers on board, it allows job seekers, school applicants or even people receiving job training to do so on board, on location. It's a partnership with Workforce Solutions Alamo, San Antonio Housing Authority and Alamo Colleges. Today, it was outside of the Leon Valley job fair, where we met San Antonio woman Hannah Shannon-Maldonado, 25, who’s looking for work.

"I'm about to start going back to school, probably back into the medical field. I just wanted to be exposed into the medical field,” she tells Olga from Med Team at their booth at the fair. Hannah likes them, the Marriott and the Omni.

Now it’s time to find out if they like her.

"If you're interested right now, I'm going to put you on that bus,” Olga tells her. “They have computers on that bus right now."

What would normally mean an inconvenient trip to find an internet connection to apply, Hannah takes a few steps out of the job fair, before she's on the bus, applying. The sooner they have her application, the sooner she'll know if she's back to work. Between the dozen Wi-Fi enabled computers, and assistance standing by, she’s able to apply right away.

"Hopefully I'll get a call back. I don't see why not. They were all so nice in there,” Hannah says.

The bus has already stopped by a couple job fairs, even stopped at The Rim. Its next stop will be on September 24th at the Youth Career Fair at the Region 20 Education Center at 1314 Hines in San Antonio.

Click here for Workforce Solutions Alamo website.

By Andrew Lofholm
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