What is still needed to help victims from Hurricane Harvey

SAN ANTONIO---Monetary and food donations and even blood being donated to help those effected by Harvey have continued to pour in.

The response has been tremendous! But many of the agencies that are providing help are starting to dial in more on what they've received and what is still needed. So what can we do to continue to help?

The San Antonio Food Bank has received more than 800,000 pounds of food and materials to help in the Hurricane Harvey relief!

Susan Filyk, Director of Communications SAFB explains, "it is amazing! We have just had a flurry of activity. It's non- stop from this community that is responding in a big way! "

Just while we were there donations were coming in from all over like San Angelo and Eagle Pass.

Loren Edwards a San Angelo Firefighter says, "The hospital organized the drop off location and then we volunteered to load it and bring it down to the food bank so they can distribute it Houston as they need it."

So what is needed now?

"At this point we're really focused on the next phase which is food and funds," says Filyk.

At the San Antonio Blood and Tissue Center,

"We have actually enough to supply our current needs but we still will be needing to help the communities that were affected by the hurricane," says Roger Ruiz, Communications Director for the Blood and Tissue Center.

Ruiz says they have sent out 1500 units out of the area to help and O- is the universal blood type that is always needed. The Salvation Army has also been very busy providing 1000's of meals.

Brad Mayhar the Public Relations Salvations Army explains, "Our canteen truck, our mobile feeding unit was deployed to New Braunfels and we've had some of our Salvation Army officers and volunteers serving evacuees in New Braunfels and Hays County."

And 120 evacuees have used the social services. Mayhar says they are only taking financial donations right now.

"Or if there's one item in addition to money that we're taking, we're accepting Walmart gift cards in increments of 25 dollars."

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