Vehicle registration fee funding local road projects

The additional vehicle registration fee began in 2014.

SAN ANTONIO -- The future of transportation funding in Bexar County may not be toll roads.

Construction is already underway on a project that only costs drivers 10 bucks a year.

“The needs in this community are staggering,” said Bexar County Public Works Director Renee Green. “There's about $1-2 billion worth of needs that we have.”

By 2040, San Antonio's population is expected to grow by a million people.

One of the biggest concerns is traffic.

Green says there's a chance to fund future road projects in the county not through toll roads, but through a vehicle registration fee.

“We always have a list of projects in our hip pocket that we could utilize this funding for,” said Green who is also the director of engineering for the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority.

Back in 2013, state lawmakers allowed Bexar County to add on an additional $10 to the vehicle registration fee.

The county has been collecting the fee since 2014 and will be using it to help complete 14 projects in areas where growth is expected to skyrocket.

One project is already underway at loop 1604 from Potranco Road to Highway 90.

“That project was originally many years ago slated to be a toll project, but we were able to come up with the $70 million that TXDOT needed to build it non toll,” said Green.

Green says officials have asked state lawmakers if the county can continue this method of funding in the future.

And this time, you'll have a say in it.

“If the legislator grants that then we would look at putting together a group of projects and then take it to the voters,” Green said.

If state lawmakers approve that, Green says it will likely take more than a year or so before you'll see the proposal on election ballots.

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