Unusually high number of rape cases in San Antonio

News 4 San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO -- Officials say 149 minors have submitted rape test kits so far this year in San Antonio.

Last month, there was an unusually high number of rape cases, according to the Rape Crisis Center.

"I felt like a piece of me was gone," said rape victim James Meadours.

In 1982 James Meadours was left scarred forever after becoming a victim of rape at 16.

"I was very, very scared," James told us.

He says a group of girls took advantage of him off school grounds and he was molested two more times after that.

"I told him 'No. No. No," recalled James. "He didn't listen to me."

He felt ashamed to say anything.

"I didn't report it until 2005," explained James.

"I was scared and frightened, because I never experienced something like that." James said.

The Rape Crisis Center says 68% of sexual assault cases are not reported.

"This can be a very scary thing for a child to tell a parent," explained Chloe Power, who is Director of Community Relations at the Rape Crisis Center.

Just last month, out of the 94 cases that needed rape kits, more than half were for teenagers 17 and younger.

"When kids are out of school our reports go up," Power said.

The center tells us numbers that high are very unusual and right now we are already sitting at about 50 cases for April.

"We have hit in the 90s before in months previous, like last summer," Power told us.

The center says to make sure your children know they have a voice no matter what age.

"The little ones, letting them know they have the right to say no," said Power.

And to pay attention to any drastic changes in behaviors your children may have. Something victims like James are working to spread awareness on.

"Give them hope and to dream and to recover," said James.

In 2015, more than 900 rape kit exams were done.

If you believe you're a victim, call 9-1-1 and talk to Emergency Services. You can also call the Rape Crisis Center Hotline 210- 349-7273 or visit their website

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